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WELCOME is an international hard cover & online guide. Our editorial sections highlight the Greater Buffalo and Niagara Falls areas, accompanied by appealing color photography and first-class art direction. Sections on Shopping, Restaurants, Nightlife, The Arts, Sports & Gaming, Attractions, Breweries, Wineries, Events and Services provide useful information to all our readers.

Hotel Distribution in the Buffalo Niagara Region:
Our hard-cover guide is placed in the area’s better hotels and B&B's (in-room) for a period of one year. Over 5 million readers (using an average occupancy rate of 69%).
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Residents • Businesses • Colleges/Universities • Relocation • Professional Offices • Events • USAir Club

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“WELCOME’s high visibility makes it an important advertising tool to reach tourists”
...Betsey Bonvissuto, Boulevard Mall.
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...Tom Lombardo, Ristorante Lombardo


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Space Closing: March 1, 2018

Publication Date: June 2018 - June 2019