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An Excursion to Excuria Salon and Spa

In this blog, Meredith DeLuca elaborates on the Excuria Salon and Spa experience.

There’s just something about a visit to a salon that puts a little pep in your step. Even dogs walk with a little strut after the groomer. It’s easy to neglect your salon needs because of, well, life. It can be challenging to find the time or wiggle those extra expenses into the budget, but once you go you’ll certainly be glad you did. If you’re going to take the time and spend the money you want to make sure you’re going to a fabulous place where you’ll feel beautiful and relaxed for your jour de beauté. One such place to awaken your inner-spa Goddess is Excuria Salon and Spa.

Excuria Salon and Spa Williamsville, NY

My day of beauty or, jour de beauté as the French say, started with a brow wax. Now, as a woman I am very protective of my eyebrows and know that eyebrows not only structure one’s face, but are also the first impression of the face. I hadn’t had my brows done since before my wedding in 2015 and only had three people in my twenty-seven years of existence touch my eyebrows. So, you can imagine I was a little nervous. However, after my experience with Amy, I know I’m in good hands going forward. Amy’s method of applying oil prior to waxing made for the least painful wax I have ever experienced.

Following my brow wax, the rest of my face received a little TLC with a custom facial from Amy. The Excuria Signature Facial is different for each client. Since everyone’s skincare needs are unique, it makes sense that each facial would be different. Every facial incorporates different serums and lotions based on one’s skincare needs. All Excuria Signature Facials include cleansing, toning, exfoliating, moisturizing, masque, scalp, and hand massage. The winter months can be especially heinous on one’s skin and this facial helped to balance and rejuvenate my skin. Amy’s knowledge of products and understanding of skincare needs was truly impressive. Although my skin didn’t look drastically different I noticed my skin felt completely different after the facial. The heated massage bed and delicious chocolate were a nice added touch of relaxation and indulgence. 

Heated blankets for complete relaxation during one’s facial

One change that did appear extremely drastic was my hair before and after my cut and style. I have the kind of hair that is perfect for Halloween, but makes everyday life a little challenging. It is wild and does it’s own thing and this has caused issues at salons in the past. I have had hairdressers tell me they don’t have enough time for a blowout and that I’ll need to come back. I’ve had them act rushed and annoyed and apologize to their waiting clients as they point to my head and mouth about how much hair I have. Thankfully, this was not the case at Excuria and I received the all-star treatment from Amber. Amber really listened to me and I could tell she takes a great deal of pride in what she does by her close attention to detail. Amber is confident, but also great at listening to her client’s wants. Anyone who can deal with my high-maintenance hair is definitely a professional worth writing home about.

Before and After haircut and style

 My grandma used to say, “When you look good, you feel good.”  I left Excuria feeling great about myself and you really can’t put a price on that. Whether you’re looking for the same services I experienced or others, Excuria is a perfect place to treat yourself. Afterall, you deserve it.


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