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All Hands on Weck

In this blog Meredith DeLuca talks about the beef on weck and where to find one in the 716.

The beef on weck is the quintessential sandwich of Western New York. In fact, beef on weck has been filling Buffalonians bellies a lot longer than wings have. Chicken wings were invented in 1964 while the beef on weck is believed to have been introduced to the 716 in the 1800s.  Legend has it that a German immigrant brought the recipe for the salty kummelweck rolls all the way from the old country and sold the rolls to a local pub owner. The pub owner divided the roll in two, threw on some horseradish, added a little au jus and the rest is history. The pub owner then sold this salty roll to his patrons in hopes of selling more beer to quench their heightened thirst. While the 716 happily shares wings around the world, the beef on weck is something we hold sacred. It’s by far Western New York’s best-kept edible secret. Below are our six favorite beef on wecks in the 716.

Charlie the Butcher has been hand-carving their beef for over three generations and you can taste their attention to detail in this classic sandwich.

The Place offers their beef on weck for both lunch and dinner.

Anderson’s beef on weck calls for ice cream for dessert.

Parkside Meadow doesn’t skimp on the beef.

SoHo Buffalo  bison beef on weck. You have to love the fact that they used Bison on a historically Buffalo sandwich. Ahh the irony.

Creekview beef on weck is only made more delicious by their perfect fries.

It’s amazing how each restaurant’s take on the classic sandwich is just slightly different.  While the ingredients stay the same, no two beef on wecks taste exactly alike. That’s why it’s important to try more than just one variety of beef on weck to determine your favorite. So get your week in check and try these six beef on wecks!


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